into the spotlight

On the 19th December 2019 i joined a group called into the spotlight which at the time was based at Armstrong bar in South Shields they have singers comedians and magicians . My first performance went down well, we did a charity event in January 2020 for the Angels CIC at the New Sundial pub and it went so well they have asked to work with us again when things get back to normal. In 2020 did showcases at The Schooner, Route 72 cafe and The Big Lamp Brewery in Newburn and for the rest of 2020 we did care home for people with learning difficulties for our new sponsors Real Life Options. From November onwards we did Facebook livestreams which have gone down well.

In 2021 we continued with the livestreams and we are opening a recording studio and we are creating our own record label for our singers and we will be doing videos as well, hopefully things will get back to normal anfd live music will be back in full swing by the end of the year fingers crossed

it’s good to be back guys

Johnny b Goode.